Photo Shoot Video Now Posted!

October 15, 2011

Hi again!

So here is the update! I did my photo shoot last weekend and it went great! Here is the link to the video! CLICK HERE!

Overall when doing a photo shoot, you need to do a lot of pre-shoot work.

First, You need to find your photographer. Look around, find some locals, maybe ask some friends. ALWAYS look at their website to see sample photography. Ask for pricing and what it includes. This could be if they shoot on location or in a studio, clothing changes, how long they can shoot for and if they provide hair/makeup. Also, when the photo shoot is done, what do they do with the photos (photoshop, cropping, printing etc.) Then once you’ve made your decision, set up a date/time as well as a rain date/time.

Second, you can either find a stylist, or go shopping on your own! This is where you need to find what your style is. Shopping for clothes can be difficult because you want your style to match your location. Also this includes any jewelry or props you’ll want to use on set.

Third, you should follow up with your photographer a few days before the shoot and confirm all the time, payment and other things.

Fourth, you’ve finally made it to the shoot! Make sure your photographer AND makeup artist  knows what you want. You don’t want your pictures to come out not “like you.” If the makeup is too heavy or too light, or the pictures come out darker than you want. After a good long day of shooting, it’s time to relax.

Finally, the photographer will send you pictures or arrange how to give them to you. You can then pick the ones you want to use and usually they will fix them up nice for you.

Any questions??? No, I will not have any of my pictures up SOON. I’m still picking out my favorites! 😉


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