Music Video Preparation

October 18, 2011

A music video is very similar to a photo shoot, but has some minor differences.

First, like a photo shoot, you need to find a director to your music video. Again, look around, find some locals, maybe ask some friends. ALWAYS look at their website to see sample videos to see video quality and how good they are with lighting/storyboard etc. Ask for pricing and what that includes. This could be hourly costs, extras, clothing, hair/makeup etc. Also, when the video is complete, once they send it do they allow you to ask for changes, what kind of credit do they want? Once you’ve made your decision, set up dates/times as well as rain dates/times. MOST videos are done in multiple days/nights. While discussing the music video with the director make sure you give them an idea as to what you want the video to be like, and then they can write around it from there.

Second, for yourself as well as any extras you plan on having (something you discuss with the director beforehand)you can either find a stylist, or go shopping on your own! You want to match the clothing to the idea of the music video. You can also shop for jewelry and props at this time (another thing you will discuss with the director beforehand).

Third, you should follow up with your director a few days before filming and confirm all the time, payment and set up of the video.

Fourth, you’ve finally made it to filming day! Make sure your director AND makeup artist  knows what you want style wise. You don’t want your video to come out not “like you.” If the makeup is too heavy or too light, or the video is not going how you planned it to, TELL THEM!! The worst you can do is be silent and tell them after everything is done! Tell them right away! After a good long day of filming, it’s time to relax.

Finally, the director will go through and edit the video and complete it!

Any questions?

Music video insider video should be up within the next couple weeks (shooting is happening over the weekend and might require more shooting!)


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