Update on Alexa Britt

October 23, 2011

Currently I’m working with the director of my music video to find out locations, props, extras and figure out the story board. We met up today to discuss all of theses things and to set a date for the shoot. We plan on shooting on November 4th with November 5th and 6th as our rain dates.

Next, I’m STILL looking through all my photo shoot pictures to decide on which ones i’m going to be using on my Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, YouTube and my personal website.

I’m also looking through some websites to try and decide how I want all of mine to look like. I’ve included Taylor Swift,  Demi Lovato,  and Selina Gomez as part of my selections. All of these websites have similar themes. They have a lot of interactive moving links, pictures of the artists and ways to interact with them. I want to be able to fall into these similar themes when I create my website. I have been discussing my site with a few web designers.

The next step is going to be to send my pictures to the photographer that need some touching up. Once those are sent and returned, I can give them to my web designer. After the music video is done I can also send that to the web designer. I have continued to work with my producer every weekend to record new songs as well as continue recording past ones.

What to look forward to?  Interviews with current musicians and what they are doing to make it big!


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