Song Writing

October 31, 2011

Song writing, one of the most complicated things about being a musician. This goes along with the whole, “What comes first? The chicken or the egg?” Do you write the music first? Or do you write the lyrics first? Or, do you write them at the same time?!

What I always tell people is that music comes from the heart. Your heart will guide you to where your music wants to go. Emotions drive how you feel and then your body language is transferred into your instrument, which creates the feeling of  the song. Happy, sad or whatever the song may be, the lyrics will also relate to this feeling. Not to say the lyrics come after the music, but both the lyrics and music will give off the feeling of happy or sad in your song. The other thing that helps convey the feeling of the song is the emotion that is put out in the vocals as well as the instrument. If its loud or soft, more of a soft tone or screaming tone vocally.

Many things contribute to a song and how it is written. Next, I will give you a short preview of how I personally write songs.

My songs usually revolve around a specific event in my life. So I will take this event, and I will then try to write a story around it without saying specifically what happened. For example, my song Moving On (which can be previewed on my YouTube) is about me moving on in a relationship. The lyrics are “I’m already moving on, moving on. I’m already gone. Yeah, I walk away from you one last time, one last time, I’m already gone.” So in chorus of the song I am talking about how I have already left my boyfriend and that this will be the last time I walk away from him because I’m not coming back. Instead of saying what you think, you try to phrase it so that the audience can still receive the message by just assuming they know what you mean.

Song writing has always come natural to me. Since I was 15 I’ve been writing songs on the piano and guitar. Song writing is how I express myself. Instead of keeping a journal or diary or sometimes instead of talking to people about my problems, I just write songs about things that have happened to me. Song writing is simply how I express myself.

Note: My music video shoot has been changed to Friday, November 3rd. Also I will be interviewing two excellent producers, as well as Nalani & Sarina, extremely talented twins this weekend! I’m so excited!


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