The extremely talented KDrew Interview!

November 5, 2011

Here it is! My interview with the very talented KDrew!!! I was lucky enough to see him perform twice and I was blown away both times. Not only did I get to see him perform but I got to talk to him in person. One of  the most passionate  & talented musician you will ever meet! You HAVE to check out his music!

Find him at or

Here is the interview!

You’ve been rapidly obtaining more fans on your pages. What were some of the tools you used to gain those fans?

My fans do a really great job of helping me spread the word about my music by posting and tweeting about it and sharing it with their friends, so “word of mouth” is the best tool I have.  My fans call themselves the ‘DrewKrew’ and I feel like they’re the best team anyone could have.

 What do you feel is your strong point in promotion and how do you optimize use of this?

 My strong point in promotion is that I update fans on what I’m currently doing everyday via social media platforms.  I make Facebook status posts, I tweet, I use Foursquare to check-in to where I currently am and I use Instagram to deliver pictures of what I am doing.  These tools are a great way to keep everyone updated and also allow me to hear from my fans what they like and what they don’t and to learn more about them.

I’ve seen you twice and your stage presence is amazing. Are there certain things you like to make your fans feel while you’re on stage?

 Yes. When I’m on stage I definitely want the audience to feel connected with the performance and the music.  I make sure that I am “feelin it” when I’m performing.  It’s very easy for an audience to tell when the artist isn’t feeling their own music or isn’t engaged with them during a performance.  This leads to the audience not getting into it either because there’s a lack of that natural energy.  I really feel the music every time I perform and I feel the energy coming back from the crowd.  I want my fans to feel something while I’m performing. I want them to know that they’re alive and have feelings.

You seem to be on the right track, you have a lot of material, great promotion tactics and basically the whole equation put into place. What is your next step as a musician to try and make it big? 

The next step is to release more music and share it with my fans and the world.  I’ll be doing more and more shows over the next few months and I plan to do my first official music video soon as well.  I’m really excited about that and the chance to further express my artistic vision for my songs.

What are some new upcoming things you want to tell your fans about?

 I’m putting out a series of seven EP’s entitled “Free” (Volumes 1 – 7) and will be releasing one on the first of each month, so mark your calendar! I am also going to be doing more shows, dropping some Dubstep tracks and I’ll be shooting my first music video for my single “Body & Soul (She Got Control).”  But, most importantly I look forward to continuing to release new music for all my fans and getting to know them on Facebook, Twitter and in person.

You can get KDrew’s debut EP “Free” Volume 1 is now available for FREE download on

Up next, more interviews AND my music video shoot insider video!


One Response to “The extremely talented KDrew Interview!”

  1. Wow great interview!!! I am one of the infamous DrewKrew and can’t wait for a music video and my calendar is def marked for his new music:)

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