Social Media…To Your Advantage!

November 27, 2011

Obviously we all know about social media. BUT….It can help and also hurt you. So a couple of pointers.

The more you promote yourself, the more others will promote you. By becoming friends with other musicians, they will also help promote you! So USE social media as a connection to friends and other bands.

By keeping your fans updated, you should also keep your bio updated…because that is where people will learn the most about you! Keep your bio on EVERY page you have…MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, ReverbNation….and always make sure they match up!

Another way to keep your fans updated is your status, and your tweets! Again, try to keep all your websites connected, it makes it easier for you as well as your fans to follow!

Use social media to your advantage. Try to make everyone feel as if they know you personally! Use YouTube and make videos that make them feel like they were there for your photo shoot or music video shoot!

So please ladies and gentlemen, do not post anything that you would not want your mother to see. Make sure all material that is used is professional. This includes language as well as photo material that would be considered inappropriate.

If you have any questions feel free to comment or message me privately!


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